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Here at Westside Women's

Abortion Clinics
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Available Methods

Here at Westside Women's
you will be offered a full range of procedures
Limited Choices
Range of Procedures
Up to 24 weeks

Many only go to 12 weeks

Compare methods

Latest advanced methods
(non-surgical or surgical)
  1. the pill (RU 486)
  2. Silent Aspiration
  3. Traditional abortion up to 24 weeks (1 day procedure)
Sometimes Limited
Accept most insurance plan when abortion covered
Accept limited plans, if any, so patient pays.
Compare doctors
Board eligible and certified OBGYN’s only who have completed a 4 year accredited residency in OBGYN
Often use physicians who have not completed a 4 year residency in OBGYN.


Awake or asleep
General Anesthesia may not be available. If available there may be a surcharge.


Private office environment
Clinic or private office environment

Privacy, confidentiality and support

Individual counseling with private female counselor. Discreet. Your business is your own.
Caring all female support staff offering gentle, compassionate and non judgmental care

Often group counseling.