post opFor all abortion patients, we will need a blood sample, a simple finger stick, to perform two tests. Testing for your hematocrit measures the level of iron in your blood. Testing for your RH factor will indicate whether your blood type is positive or negative. If your blood type is RH negative, you will need a RhoGAM injection after your abortion. This injection prevents antibodies from being formed in your blood. These antibodies could cause problems with future pregnancies. If you are RH negative, it is important to receive the RhoGAM injection with every pregnancy.

Two urine tests are available if you think you may be pregnant. A sensitive or “Abbott” test is most appropriate for a patient who has missed her period. The fee for this test is $25.00. A non-sensitive test is most appropriate for a patient who is late for her period and this test is free. Results of both tests are available in five minutes.

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