There are several payment options available- Insurance, Medicaid, Cash or Credit Card
(MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover).

Insurance: Abortion coverage must be verified prior to your appointment. You need to bring a current insurance card and a picture ID. You will be responsible for your co-pay on the date of service.

Credit Card: You need to bring a picture with your own credit card. If you have permission to use someone else’s credit card, you need to bring that credit card or a copy of the front and back of the card, along with a signed authorization allowing you to use the card up to a specific dollar limit and for the specified dates.

Cash: You need to bring the FULL amount of the payment.

Medicaid: You need to bring your current card and picture ID. If you are covered under temporary Medicaid or pending Medicaid you also need to bring a picture ID and the required paperwork.

The uterine contents removed during the abortion are sent to a laboratory to be examined by a pathologist. The pathologist will examine the tissue to confirm that the pregnancy was removed and examine it for abnormalities. The lab fee will be billed to your insurance company whenever possible. Otherwise, the cash fee is $20. We must collect this on behalf of the lab. The lab has no relationship to our billing department.

It is very important that we have your correct phone number and address, especially if the laboratory results indicate that you must return for repeat testing. If we cannot reach you by phone we will send you a certified letter. We are very respectful of your need for confidentiality and will only contact you if there is an emergency.

We  will also ask you to give us an emergency contact name and phone number.

You may also incur additional fees if the doctor or medical staff find you need extra medications or testing. These may include, but are not limited to: injectable antibiotics, early detection urine fees, throat culture, or RhoGAM injection. If your blood type is RH negative, it is absolutely essential that you receive a RhoGAM injection.

You have the option to purchase additional medications on the day of the procedure.  Doxycycline, Methergine and the Depo Provera injection are all available for an additional charge. The intake counselor will discuss these medications with you.If the abortion procedure is not performed due to your request or the physician’s advice, you will be responsible for payment of services rendered such as the sonogram, pregnancy test, and lab test. All other fees will be refunded.

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