We work hard to keep our fees low and make them affordable. In order to do that, payment must be made at the time of service, either by cash, credit card, insurance or Medicaid. Most insurance plans and Medicaid are accepted, but coverage must be verified prior to the procedure."

If you are going to be self-pay,
the following fees apply:
Weeks Price Lab
RU-486 $595  
Below  12 wks $435 $20
12.0 up to 13 wks $550 $20
13.0 up to 14 wks $550 $20
14.0 up to 15 wks $600 $20
15.0 up to 16 wks $600 $20
16.0 up to 17 wks $800 $20
17.0 up to 18 wks $800 $20
18.0 up to 19 wks $875 $20
19.0 up to 20 wks $975 $20
20.0 up to 21 wks $1,275 $20
21.0 up to 22 wks $1,475 $20
22.0 up to 23 wks $1,950 $20
23.0 up to 24 wks $2,375 $20

Our doctors participate in the following insurance plans:

     United/Oxford—(excluding the UHC Empire plan)
     Blue Cross/Blue Shield
     Local 1199
     GHI PPO

Please be aware that we must verify insurance coverage prior to your appointment and  you will be called if there is a coverage problem.  However, you are instructed to call the office the day before your appointment to be given the terms of coverage such as copay and/or deductible.  You MUST bring your insurance card.

For Medicaid patients, coverage needs to be verified when the appointment is made AND on the date of service.  If you are using Temporary Medicaid, you must bring in a CS 19 form.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

The products of conception that areremoved during the abortion are sent to a laboratory to be examined by a pathologist. The pathologist will examine the tissue to confirm that the pregnancy was removed and examine it for abnormalities. The lab fee will be billed to your insurance company whenever possible. Otherwise, the self pay fee is $20. For your convenience and in order to keep this expense as low as possible, we have agreed to collect this on behalf of the lab.

It is essential that the office has your correct phone number and address, especially if the laboratory results indicate that you must return for repeat testing. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send you a certified letter. We are very respectful of your need for confidentiality and will only contact you if there is an emergency.

You may also incur additional fees if the doctor or medical staff find you need extra medications or testing. These may include, but are not limited to: injectable antibiotics, early detection urine fees, throat culture, or RHogam injection.

You will have the option to purchase additional medications on the day of the procedure.   Doxycycline, Methergine and the Depo Provera injection are all available for an additional charge. The intake counselor will discuss these medications with you.

If the abortion procedure is not performed due to your request or the physician's advice, you will be responsible for payment of services rendered such as the sonogram, pregnancy test, and lab tests. All other monies will be refunded.